An opportunity for improvement

An Opporunity for healthcare professionals to

learn, and enhance patient and client safety

Being involved in a significant event is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to learn, and enhance patient and client safety.

A simple way to view the discipline of 'Human Factors' is to think about the interactions between three work-related factors: People, Activity and the Environment - and how they can combine to impact on people's health and safety-related behaviour and patient care.

Evidence suggests that the application of 'Human Factors' knowledge enhances performance in the workplace and improves understanding of the complex system interactions which contribute to significant events.

On completion of this framework guide or as a tool itself, this app provides the opportunity to access the eSEA Report Template; allowing for notetaking in the relevant framework sections, to assist you later date when completing an analysis of an SEA. The report template including the current data can be saved, printed and/or forwarded on by email for completion at a later date. The Report Template can be accessed from the Report option on the menu bar.


It is important to think about how you feel about your involvement in a significant event, which may make effective analysis of the event potentially difficult.

Examples of responses may include anxiety, guilt, stress, anger or indifference; all are known to affect healthcare professionals involved in significant events.

The Tool takes account of your responses to an event by encouraging you to reflect on them.

The aim is for you to achieve a better readiness to analyse and learn from the significant event more effectively by using the systems-based Human Factors approach outlined in the Tool.